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Workshops are tailor-made to the client's specific needs and are aimed to address challenges around change, mindset shifting and unleashing potential.


The Leadership Advantage

Leadership in today's world is about developing other people into both team members and individual contributors who can work towards a larger vision. To influence growth, leaders are expected to be clear on how to bring the best out of self and others.


Building a High Performance Team

In today's changing workplace, teams are becoming increasingly varied and complex. This program is designed to cut through maximizing each member's special talents.


The Communicating Challenge

Communication is key to successful business and personal interactions. The program is designed to facilitate understanding and appreciation of individual differences when interacting with others and aims to enhance communication.


Enhancing Decision Making

We are continuously bombarded with decision making opportunities in a fast changing work environment. In this program we guide you towards understanding and enhancing your decision making at an individual and organizational level with an aim to improve effectiveness and facilitate collaboration.


Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is a broad term that describes many types of interactions yet more often than not conflict exists because some core elements of trust, beliefs, authority, or passion is being challenged. By illuminating the underlying issues and needs, both our own and those of the people with whom we interact, we have a far greater chance achieving an positive outcome. The 'conflict' challenge appears in the workplace either in the nature of 'avoidance' or 'aggression' and both can be equally hurtful for the organization. The program aims to raise awareness of the impact to the business and to engage towards embassing a healthier approach.


Coping with Stress in the Workplace

We all encounter an out-of-character self from time to time, particularly in response to fatigue and stressful situations. The program gives light to such experiences in a way that we gain a better understanding of our reactions and the reactions of others. It aims to help us take control of our challenges and turn them into learning opportunities rather that let them have the lead.


Immunity to Change

ITC is designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make the personal and collective changes that they deem essential but which prove impossible despite their best efforts. The approach initially focuses on creating a customized picture of the way our currenct mindset produces behaviors which oppose our stated goals and hinder progress towards achieving them. Once light has been shed on the underlying conflict, the ITC method guides us through a structured process for unwinding it and accomplishing our goals.




What the clients said:

"A powerful change management experience."

"Sonia's passion for sharing experience engaged me fully."

"A self-revealing experience that empowered me for self discovery and meaningful growth"

"An approach that leads you to evident progress and engages you to continuous learning."

"Never before have I believed so much in the hidden potential that we all have and keep dormant."

"Hugely valuable learning in understanding and embracing diversity. Very insightful about my strengths and blind spots and very useful in understanding others better. It really helped me handle my team more effectively and improve my communication with peers."

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