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ITC Methodology


A typical coaching cycle guides executives through a step-by-step self-knowledge of influence and impact. ITC starts with identifying key strenghts (MBTI II) and potential areas of growth. A tailor-made 360 survey enriches the initial exploration part and the area of focus (goal) is specifically identified. At this stage, success is envisioned and an improvement plan with clear steps and measurable results is designed which involves observations, analysis of incidents and the design and test of alternative approaches.

We meet in person or via Skype, in English or Greek.

We have an initial discussion on which we set expectations for both sides and ensure the motivation is mutually present for a kick-off.

  • Coaching sessions start with a conversation, where we decide how many sessions would be ideal for you. There is a minimum of four 90 minute sessions over a period of two months.
  • The full coaching arc includes 10 sessions (15 hours) over a period of six months.
  • Follow-up sessions are scheduled upon request. 
  • At the beginning of every coaching cycle we define what we aim to achieve and how success will be measured. 
  • At the end of each coaching cycle we evaluate the outcome and added value.

  • Workshops are mostly custom-designed to meet particular client expectations.



"Through Sonia's coaching, I was able to identify the obstacles that block my way each time. I could see the importance of observations and reflections for mindset change. It has been a quite effective process and a very important step for my career. It gave me the opportunity to put in context my thoughts of how I should deal with my false ‘perceptions’ and move forward for better results."     CLIENT

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