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Professional Qualifications

"The most important achievement is that not only can I now better observe myself but I have also developed the capacity to better understand the reactions of others. I can therefore handle situations with others more effectively. I have learned that it is impossible to know everything and that failure is part of the job. So I can now address failure with prudence rather than with judgment and confusion."     ITC CLIENT




Bringing together my long practical experience and coaching skills, I support personal and organizational development by identifying the internal blocks that hinder influential change management.


I have a long corporate experience in global organisations (HSBC, Midland Bank, Bank of America, Beecham Pharmaceuticals), while I have been a leadership team of HSBC in Athens for almost ten years in several roles as Senior Operating Manager, Head of IR (IT & HR), HR Director και CAO.


Within the Finance team of HSBC, I upgraded the department to align with the Group practices and designed the MIS system for the Bank. In IT, with a team of 42 employees and Group support, I led strategic projects, amongst which the systems integration following the acquisition of Barclays Bank, CRMS, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, ATMs, and many more.


As a manager and a leader, my priority has always been to actively support people progress and growth, with clear emphasis on succession planning. Throughout my leadership as HR Director within HSBC, I transformed the department introducing an HR Business Partnership approach with emphasis on performance evaluation, pay linked to relative performance, coaching and mentoring at all management and leadership levels. I led and rolled out initiatives with focus on people engagement and systematically developed a culture of continuous learning for progress and growth. As HR Director and CAO, my prime role has been that of a coach, mentor and counselor across all levels of hierarchy, while I had a leading role in every change-linked initiative.


With my focus on people growth and the roll out of the most updated leadership practices, I introduced coaching in 2004 as the main leadership tool for personal growth. My belief that continuous adjustment to change is crucial for future business effectiveness led me in 2009 to the Insead Business School for the Diploma in Consulting and Coaching for Change, while in 2011 I was certified by the Harvard University professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey as an Ιnternational ITC  Coach.

I am committed to a solution focused approach for driving business effectiveness wiht emphasis on enabling unleashed potential and thus achieving meaningful individual and organisational change. I firmly believe in the hidden potential that we all have and that keeps unfolding for as long as we are committed to continuous personal progress.


With my broad corporate experience and specialisation, I successfully support managers and leaders, and facilitate lasting change enabling them to fully utilise their true potential towards achieving personal growth and business effectiveness.  


Within high performance culture organisations, my clients are those senior and mid-level executives who know that business as usual is no longer profitable, acceptable or rewarding. They know that change is needed and take advantage of available tools in order to maximise their effectiveness. They understand that changes in the economic and political environment demand some personal and organisational changes in order for organisations and individuals to thrive at their full potential. They are motivated by continuous personal growth, customer success stories and the opportunity to bring greater organisational effectiveness.


I believe that at no time in our history has the need for transformational leadership and developmental change been more necessary, both within corporations and within the people who lead them. I also believe that in a period of drastic change and uncertainty, the capacity to lead change allows organisations to innovate, to look for new alternatives, to maximise their full potential and to differentiate in the market.


Throughout an extended period of drastic global change I am passionate about empowering individual and organisational growth through increased self-awareness and enhanced personal impact. My motivation and focus is on meaningful and lasting change

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