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Leadership Coaching

In a world that is constantly changing the role of senior executives becomes increasingly challenging. In the relationship we see our role as that of a sounding board and trusted advisor. 

Targeted Coaching

We offer targeted coaching to deal with specific competencies and behaviors that are necessary for greater effectiveness in the current role of for career progression.  

Transition Coaching

Our transition coaching supports quick adjustment and delivery when moving into a new or expanding role. 

Group Coaching

Building effective teams is a key leadership challenge. Group dynamics and the absence of open communication often get on the way and create silos. Direction, alignment and commitment to the common goal is derailed and the bottom line is suffering. Our Group coaching proposition aims to instill a culture of open communication, feedback, trust and mutual suport.

Systemic Coaching

Our systemic coaching approach involves a number of executives within the same organization. The aim of the program is to facilitate a common language that ensures alighment and commitment to business success.



Leadership Consulting

Are you looking ot expand the leadership team perspective and empower out of the box thinking?

Performance Culture

Are you determined to create and maintain an open feedback culture and a 'learning organization'?

Succession Planning

Are you committed to consistently shaping the new generation of business leaders?


We are here to actively support your intention.

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