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Lasting change is not merely about an improved bottom line number, or one goal achieved. It is about a strategic shift in attitude that plays out across a wide range of critical situations, and leads to empowered team-based actions and solutions.


I had great difficulty with delegation. As a result I was always over-loaded and over-stressed. Through ITC coaching I discovered the underlying reasons behind my unwanted behaviours. What I saw was not a self I wanted to be. What I can see now is that, without knowing, not only I was exhausting myself but I was also showing mistrust to my team. I was in a comfort zone, blocking my own potential and that of my team's. I now have more time for clients while my subordinates are more motivated and accountable. Our productivity has improved while our stress has reduced.

  Pharmaceutical - Finance


I was struggling with seniority and conflict. Every time I had to deal with superiors or aggressiveness I would either withdraw or become aggressive too. Not only did I firmly believe that this cannot change but I was also blaming the others for my reactions. ITC coaching helped me uncover the obstacles and discover the importance of continous personal development. I am now more assertive and this is noticeable by both my boss and peers.                                                                                                                                           Financial Services - IT


My team was complaining about my decision making. I have always seen myself as open minded and flexible. ITC coaching helped me see the locked potential behind a perfectionism that was completly out of my sight. As I m changing behaviour my team feels relieved while I have freed up time and energy. I am amazed by how much we block productivity without even knowing.

  Financial Services - Operations


I had the tendency to take too much on and always be over stretched. My time management was problematic, my team was complaining and I was never happy with the outcome despite my hard work and pressure. ITC coaching helped me discover the underlying reasons behind my self-mposed overload. I am now more relaxed and can enjoy everything I am doing. My peers have noticed the positive change and my team is more engaged.                                                                     Financial Services - Communications


I always used to be the expert and the specialist. The one that had the right answer in my field. When business partnership was introduced, my expert's attitude was seen as resistance. ITC coaching helped me see that I had to change my approach but also why I had to change it and how. I am now happy at work again and my relationship with the business has recovered.

  Manufacturing - Sale


I was unhappy and stressed. I did not know how to handle it and was blaming others for my situation. ITC coaching  helped me understand the comfort zone I was in, resisting change and chosing to be completely passive.                            NP - Marketing


Since I was promoted to Sales Manager I struggled with getting the team motivated. I felt there was sales incompetence and I was over-stressed as I had to learn how to lead a sales team but also continue to do my prior sales job. ITC coaching helped me realise that I was unconsciously movinging with my comfort zone finding excuses about sales incompetence within the team. Actually my team is now happier and far more productive.

  Financial Services - Retail


I had a tendency to seek for perfection. With ITC coaching I realised that my wanting to be perfect made me anxious, nervous and unhappy. After having now been coached for lasting change I realised that I am not - and cannot be - perfect. Even when I make mistakes, I now know that "I did the best I could". It has been a mindset shift. Of course, I do fall into the same trap from time to time, but have now developed the capacity to realise it on the spot and bring me back to reality.                     Health Care - Operations


Through ITC coaching, I was able to identify the obstacles that blocked my way each time they appeared. Rather than simply reacting, I could see the importance of observations and reflections for mindset change. It has been a quite effective process and a very important step for my career. It gave me the opportunity to put in context my thoughts of how I should deal with my false ‘perceptions’ and move forward for better results in every arena of my career and family life.

   E-commerce - Advertising

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