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Are you curious to know what your first step might be?

Ask yourself what a meaningful goal might look like for you. What is it that you’d like to achieve but is not actually happening despite your best efforts?

Then ask what you are doing or not doing instead of working towards your goal.

Now you have an idea of what is more important to you than actually achieving your goal.

Working together, we’ll uncover your true motivations that keep you working away from the goal you want to achieve.

When you are frustrated with the situation around you, when desire and motivation do not bring the desired outcome, what works is to have an effective strategy for experiencing personal progress.



"Sonia’s methodology has taught me how to observe myself in my day-to-day activities and how to capture the behaviours, thoughts and feelings that block my way. I used to get proactively stressed, forecasting the worst that could happen. Frankly, this is something that has changed dramatically as I don’t even need to interrupt negative thoughts. They just disappear. I now calmly deal with the issues as they arise. My life has changed both at work and at home as I have stopped carrying the problem and my stress to the people around me."     CLIENT

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