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People are not responsible enough. Everything has to go through my hands

An executive in the Manufacturing industry remained engaged in daily operations as he was feeling that for his high standards to be met everything had to go through his hands. As a result he was constantly overloaded but was also viewing his team as incompetent.

With the help of the ITC coach he challenged his mindset and saw that, without realizing it he was blocking communication and his team performance because of his need to be in control. Through the diagnostic part of ITC coaching he recognized his assumption that if he was not personally involved the work would be of inferior quality. Following an ITC coaching cycle of 10 sessions, the executive became less hands-on with the day-to-day details and more focused on the big picture while he also started motivating team members to perform. Gradually, as he begun challenging his familiar behaviours, his shifting was evident as he was able to assume his leadership role. His team’s performance significantly improved with a direct positive effect on sales results and customer satisfaction.

My team is not good in sales and I have to carry all the sales targets myself

A Sales Manager in the Banking Sector was promoted to Branch Manager. Assuming that his sales team was incompetent for the achievement of their demanding goals he was focusing on sales in an attempt to reach the branch’s financial goals while neglecting his duties. Through ITC Coaching he realised that he was feeling more comfortable with sales (hidden competing commitment) and as a result he was considering the team ineffective. In reality, he was avoiding what he was uncomfortable with; to perform his management duties. This realisation allowed him to actively undertake the new role and to fully utilise the potential of both him and his team, with impressive results.

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