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About Me


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Skype me: soniagr03

Immunity-to-Change Coaching

Decades of research by Harvard-based professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey have proven that everyone has a built-in immune system, not just for our physical health, but for our emotional and mental health too. There is always a hidden reason why we protect the status quo in our lives whether it serves us now or not, even if it jeopardizes our careers and hinders our potential.

To tackle the problem head on, Kegan and Lahey created a simple system called Immunity-to-Change. It is now the subject of two books and has been put to effective use in organizations all over the world. With the help of a trained Immunity-to-Change coach, people learn an effective strategy for spotting exactly how their resistance shows up, what their innate immunity is protecting and how to change from the inside out. Without this kind of inner shift, lasting change is impossible and crucial change efforts fail.

"We all know change is needed, but few know how to create the kind of lasting change that comes from re-ordering internal priorities. That’s what leadership today demands. It is my promise to you." -Sonia



We meet in person or via Skype, in English or Greek. The Initial Conversation is free. The Immunity-to-Change coaching arc includes ten 1:1 sessions over a period of six months.

I believe that lasting change is not about an improved bottom line number, or one goal achieved. It is about a strategic shift in attitude that plays out across a wide range of critical situations, and leads to empowered team-based actions and solutions.

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